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Stamp Art and Rythm Bread


Water Tower, Debrecen

This Wednesday I participated in a very interesting event in the Debrecen Water Tower. It was one of the series „Just an evening” titled this time as „Stamp Art and Rythm Bread”. Interesting isn’t it? I was  looking for the evening with great interest as I was not just a visitor but it was me to represent stamp art at the event. Zsuzsa and Zsofi, my best friends accompanied me. Their presence was a really good support. It was not that difficult to find the common language with the participants. I used the minutes of waiting before the discussion to speak almost to everybody and present them with a copy of my picture titled „The Woman”. The idea to give this present was derived from the fact that the „Just an evening” club is a ladies’ event. The host was Gyongyi Porkolab. She presented me very kindly and passed the mike to me at once. As I like stamp art very much it was not difficult at all to speak. I unfolded my story a bit, I told how I started this activity, how I started „stamping”. And then the surprise came. I took a covered earlier picture which could be seen before only by my family. When I was preparing myself to this evening I decided to show my picture „Towards the Light” to the public at this event by the simple reason that the birth of the picture was related to Gyongyi Porkolab. She was the one  who asked me  during our very first conversation „Why don’t you make a picture about hospice activity?”  


I talked to the audience about my new picture plan, about „Sleeping Beauty’s Dream”. I asked the audience what was in their opinion the dream the Beauty saw? Some of them thought Sleeping Beauty dreamt about a prince who would come to fetch her while some others had another opinion, they though she dreamt about a child.  What could I do in that situation? We thus had a voting and the majority of the ladies present voted for the prince.


After this interesting interlude I had the possibility to speak some more words about my pictures. I shared the story of the painting of the „Poppies of the Tower”, of the picture „How interesting history is!” and of course that of my picture made to the tribute of Freddie Mercury. This was the end of my part and the other topic came, smart food and Rythm Bread. Tamas Szakacs the owner of this idea and the enterpreneur was a professional speaker, it was very interesting to listen to him. His kind words spoken about my art and his interest shown to my pictures were very encouraging and all the evening gave me additional strength to go on.

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