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Meeting with the Ambassador of the Netherlands


In the end of June we visited the Embassy of the Dutch Kingdom in Budapest upon the invitation of Ambassador René van Hell. I took a picture with me which was made after our first trip to the Netherlands and bears the title „Bicycle”. Our contacts with the country were started many years ago when a Dutch girl, Petra joined theam team of the Immanual care house as a volunteer. My daughter Zsófi liked her very much adn we mainatin the contacts with here ever since, almost for twenty years already. We visited the country itself int he Spring of 2019 first to see the wonders of Keukenhof and to get acquainted with the Dutch way of life. This trip gave me many impressions to make several pictures: „tulipes”, „Love”, etc. Our furtune helpd us this year again, I had the opportunity to repsent my pictures at a stamp exhibition in the city of Gouda. We visited many other places as well, wo falll in love with this country.

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