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The Woman

When sorting the stamps I have seen many stamps imaging different pieces of art. The artists present mostly women on these stamps. This fact gave me the idea to show how the artists of the past and present see us, women. It is interesting buti t would have been very difficult to present the same subject about men as there are very few stamps imaging this gender. Thus I chose the stamps I liked, I cut them to the needed shape and sorted them. I choise for example stamos showing Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, el Greco’s Saint Anna and also Mimi, a nice picture of the famous Hungarian painter Bela Czobel.


To put the stamps to their right place is always a big task. It is challanging to sort out how one could make an organic picture using very small parts. It takes some days days and even weeks to find the right solution. The other big question is the background. I was happy to find a German series of stamps imaging famous women of our age thus I could make that only stamps showing women were used to paint this picture.

Size: 29 x 39 cms

Status: in private property

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