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Albero della conoscenza

Abero_della_conoscenza (2).png

Size: 52 x 52 cms

Status: in private property

Whoever have seen this picture until now liked it. It is also one of my favourites but I am of course biased. I did not have any strong ideas when I started to make it, I simply wanted to have an arboreous tree. I pencilled the trunk and the limbs at first. Having the drawing I started to look for the stamps. The stamps used for the background do not befit the topic at all but they give the greens and reds to the picture. I stamped them in the shape of concentric circles and managed to reach a very unexpectedly thrilling effect.


The next difficulty was to produce the perpetuity from the trunk to the limbs. Finally I have got it but I felt that something was missing. This was the reason for putting apples on the tree. And looking at the picture it became to be clear that it was the „albero dell conoscenza” or tree of knowledge, one can even see the snake on it!

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