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Mandala in Roses

Mandala-in roses (2).png

Size: D = 36 cms

Status: in private property

I was presented with a bouguet of wonderful roses by my husband on my birthday. This bouquet gave me the idea to make a picture of roses. I had the stamps with yellow roses received from Csaba Sutoczky the well known collector still on my desk.


I remembered that I also had a similar block. So I put together everyhing needed to paint the picture: stamps, glue, paintbrush and a board. We have a large table in the kitchen, this is the usual place for me for stamp painting. My husband was also sitting at the table, he worked on his laptop and we had nice music in the background. I did not have any prepared plan, I just started to sort the stamps, to make an order among them. I was looking for the really best arrangement. I do not remember how much time I spent at the table but the picture was fineshed already that evening.  My husband said that it took only some hours. Maybe, but it was one sitting for sure.

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