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Christmas lights

122_Karácsonyi fények_Christmas Lights (3) (1).png

This picture was made when we started to prepare for Christmas, when we planned whom to visit and what present to take to them. Its title given by me is “Christmas lights”. I chose a wonderful English stamp to the background; I was caught by its blue colour. It was my mother who discovered them when sorted, unglued and dried them, I am very much thankful to her for this too. When I got sight of these stamps on the table a tranquillizing feeling went over me and it made me feel simply good. Having them glued on the board I lacked something. This was the moment when I remembered the Roman catholic church in the older part of Jozsa, the district where we live, on the shores of the river Toco. I am acquainted with the architect of the church Zoltan Gyorffy so I wrote him saying that I wanted to use his church for my picture and requested a drawing. His positive answer and the drawing arrived soon.  I have not seen unfortunately the interior of the church yet but it might be that next time it will give the inspiration for a new picture.

Size:  63 x 44 cm
Status: on offer

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