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“Stamp etuds” – exhibition opening in Oradea



The St. Ladislaus Festival in Oradea has been organized already ninths time this year. King St. Ladislaus was the founder of the city. This city festival offers many events full of culture and joy. Every one in the city was waiting for this year’s feast with great excitement as the last one was cancelled because of the pandemics.


Debrecen and Oradea are twin cities so Debrecen offers many interesting programs this year also in Oradea. It was a great honour for me that Partium House, a Debrecen event company has offered me the opportunity to make an exhibition in the Tibor Erno Gallery in Oradea. O brought forty pictures here, most of them arrived from Rome directly. The very unique atmosphere of the Gallery – it used to be coal-cellar once -, its vaulted walls offered a very unique background to my works.


The opening ceremony was organized on June 21. The halls were full of visitors among them the members of the gallery too. The introduction was delivered by Tohotom Csatho, artistic leader of the gallery and after him Gyula Zatyko, director of the St. Ladislaus Festival greeted the visitors. He was followed by Loránt Borsi, representative of the main supporter of the gallery, of the Christian Church and the RMDSZ party while the last to speak was dr. Istvan Puskas, deputy mayor of Debrecen. He expressed his gladness for the opportunity to get finally acquainted with my works. Finally, I also get an opportunity to greet everyone who came. I will never forget the applause I received! I was extremely happy that this day was about culture only without any politics!


I would also like to mention separately violist Sandor Jozsef Thurzo who played peces of local composers and brought thus joy to all participants.

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