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Waiting for Eve

96_Évára várva_Waiting for Eve (2).png

This picture was painted by stamps using relics of the magician Aniko Ungar for the unique Hungarikon collection owned by Tamas Karpati.

A Hungarikon is a picture, a sculpture or an installation or in one word a piece of art made bya famous Hungarian artist to commemorate an emblematic piece/subject of another famous Hungarian artist, scientist, sportsman, etc.

We visited Tamas Karpati in his home in August. Havingshown us his wonderful collection he asked me if I felt like making a picture for his collection. I agreed without hesitation and chose the instruments of Aniko Ungar, a famous Hungarian magician. I did not have a single thought what I would make out of several cards, a magic bot, a red scarf and a piece of rope but my concept was born already on our way home.

The magic bot became to be the Tree where the Snake lapped on, the cards symbolize the Corruptness itself while the scarf became to be the Apple. The background was painted with stamps, green and red colours shape the fruits and leaves of the tree.

I learned before that my mandator had another collection as well in which the central point was the apple. I therefore wanted just to show my kindness with the apple towards him. My husband helped me in gluing the special objects while the frame was Tamas’s idea so the picture thus became to be a big apple!

Size: D=48 cm

Status: in the Hungarikon Collection

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