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ballon-of-history (2).png

Balloon of History

This picture is not in my property already. It was made among the first ones but it caught the sight on my first exhibition in Debrecen of the famuos Hungarian art collector Peter Antal so he took it into the Antal-Lusztig Collection. In making this picture the initial point was a very nice Hungarian stamp series showing our predecessors, major events of our culture and history. The big question was how to present these nice stamps?


I like flying very much so the idea came, he stamps should fly as well.maybo on a balloon. Usually people use the surface of the balloons for making ad’s or decorate it in another way. This time it was me to ornate the balloon so it advertizes our famous people, our famous historical events. To make the background I used German stamps the colours of which can show the blue of the sky and the green of the meadows. I used also a bit of red to have a sun on the picture too.

Size: 39 x 49 cms

Status: in property of the Antal-Lusztig Collection - Debrecen

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