It is me here! – an interview on m2 Petofi TV


I received an unexpected phone from Budapest, Fanni Totfalusi, editor of m2 TV called me.


Virtual Exhibition - ArtSteps, 2020


An exhibition of mine would have been opened in April in Debrecen, in the Józsa Community House but the virus has been swept it away together with many other events. Two new pictures have been inspired by this micron large... Read more ->

GALERIA KALO - Tirana, 2020


We got acquainted with GALERIA KALO, Tirana and its owner Perparim Kalo in September 2019, Leka Zogu the 2nd, the Albanian Crown Prince was kind enough to draw our attention to them. Having had many talks wit him the Covid-19 pandemia resulted in an interesting new step in our cooperation. The GALERIA... Read more ->

An opportunity to introduce myself -  Debrecen, 2020


I got a new opportunity to introduce myself: Jozsef Varga who is a professional cameraman and film-editor living in my district in Debrecen called Jozsa is making a series of films about interesting people living here. He and his collegue visited me at home and made this interesting film.

Click here to watch the movie!

DTV filming team visited us!