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Gallery Palota,
Community and Cultural Center Csokonai, Budapest, 2023


Some days prior to the date of the opening I was approached by Erzseber Csaszi who had written several articles about me already before in the magazin „Belyegvilag” (Stamp World). This time she asked for the opportunity to make a radio discussion for the program to be aired on the St. Steven Radio about the whole exhibition week-end of the House. Read more ->

Névtelen terv (70).png

Salgotarjan is 100 years old


My pictures have taken me to Salgotarjan where neither of us had been before. The Centennial Stamp, Coin and Postcard Exhibition organized to commemorate the anniversary of the city’s foundation was held on October 3. I was invited to this exhibition as well. Read more ->


Program Almarium on Duna TV


I was connected with Reka Bognar-Kozari, editor of magazine Almarium of DunaTV by the 2022 Magda Szabo Plan-All diary. Gyongyi Porkolab, editor of the diary invited her lady friends to join in writing our thoughts or a story in relation to Magda Szabo. Read more ->


Artistic impressions - exhibition ln the city of Pecs

2021.09.21. – 10.15.

The Gallery of the Railway Workers placed my new unique exhibition in the city of Pecs. This exhibition is unique as I presented here only pictures which are linked in each case to an artist. Among them are pictures expressing my thoughts about the given artist like Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo or Andy Warhol. The painting of some other pictures have been just inspired by an artist like Puccini, Beethoven, Mozart or Luciano Pavarotti.



Exhibition at the Hungarian Academy in Rome

2021.04.09. – 05.14.

My largest ever exhibition was opened in Palace Falconieri, building of the Hungarian Academy in Rome. I had the opportunity to present fourty pieces of mine among which one can find some pieces of the earliest ones like the Tower of Babel and Cirque as well as one of the newest, Hope.



Jakupcsek Plus – ATV


I received another phone call just after the talk with me on m2 was on air but now from station ATV. This editor had also read the article on the website ( ) and invited me to take part in the next talk of the Jakupcsek Show.



It is me here! – an interview on m2 Petofi TV


I received an unexpected phone from Budapest, Fanni Totfalusi, editor of m2 TV called me.



Virtual Exhibition - ArtSteps, 2020


An exhibition of mine would have been opened in April in Debrecen, in the Józsa Community House but the virus has been swept it away together with many other events. Two new pictures have been inspired by this micron large... Read more ->


GALERIA KALO - Tirana, 2020


We got acquainted with GALERIA KALO, Tirana and its owner Perparim Kalo in September 2019, Leka Zogu the 2nd, the Albanian Crown Prince was kind enough to draw our attention to them. Having had many talks wit him the Covid-19 pandemia resulted in an interesting new step in our cooperation. The GALERIA... Read more ->


An opportunity to introduce myself -  Debrecen, 2020


I got a new opportunity to introduce myself: Jozsef Varga who is a professional cameraman and film-editor living in my district in Debrecen called Jozsa is making a series of films about interesting people living here. He and his collegue visited me at home and made this interesting film.

Click here to watch the movie!


DTV filming team visited us!


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