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Judit Szendrei

About Me

My name is Judit Czimer-Szendrei, I am a stamp artist. I live and work in Debrecen, Hungary and in London.

As a creative philatelist-cum-Pop Collagist, I often work collaboratively with my family members to create intricate papiers collés mosaics made entirely from repurposed stamps.  

The painstaking process of assembling thousands of stamps involves meticulous planning:   each stamp is steeped, dried and sorted; an outline of the design transferred to the support; then – using a constantly evolving technique incorporating folding, cutting and printing – the image is slowly constructed as each individual stamp is laid into the composition.  The repurposing of seemingly infinite accumulations of stamps have been acquired from diverse sources including the Philately Department of the Hungarian Post, the Hungarian Army’s Aron Gabor Stamp Collectors Group, many stamp collectors and even just art lovers. 

I have been working as an economist since finishing the university and hold a fascination for stamps since my childhood; reding books and listening to music is still relaxing me. I began making stamp mosaics in 2015 and held my first exhibition in 2018, showing 35 works to wide acclaim in my local town and to audiences far and wide. Such was the success of the exhibition that instead of running for two weeks as originally scheduled, it was extended for two months.

We are traveling much with my art pieces, the exhibitions, articles, TV shows, the social media helped me to be connected to many people. In 2020, I had the opportunity to present one of my pieces personally to Pope Francis, it now hangs in Vatican City. My picture God Save the Queen! is exhibited in the Wardown House Gallery and Museum in Luton, the …only our Love is Certain greets visitors in the building of the Hungarian Embassy in London while the “Great Church of Debrecen” happened to find its place in a private collection in England. The Greek God of Healing has been bought by a Hungarian philatelist living in Ireland, the Water lilies with stones and shells is owned by a German philatelist while Cirque now hangs in the study of Zogu Leka, heir to the Albanian throne in Tirana.

Viewers can see picture Taormina as I view it in the Hungarian Stamp Museum, Budapest, picture Together with Christ in the public house of the Greek Catholic Church in Vasarosnameny and Noe’s Barge in Debrecen in the School of the Immanuel Foundation. My piece Bicycle hangs in the Dutch Embassy, For whom the Bell Tolls in the Embassy of Ukraina while "…the bread we break, the cup we bless…" in the Nunciature of the Holly See in Budapest. 

Here follows a short list of Hungarian private collections also owning my pieces: Antal-Lustig Collection, Debrecen, Hungarikon Collection, Budapest, collection of Aniko Ungar, Budapest and collection of Anita Kerek-Jaszovics, Debrecen.

Almost five years has gone by since my first exhibition and many artists, curators have seen my stamp pictures. Opinion of some of them concludes my bio:

-    “Judit’s preference for methodical, system-driven image making has affinities with the repetition, rhythm and regularity of Pop Art or minimalism, but her approach is more aligned with early 1990s photomosaics or the making of Mandala’s in Eastern religions.” – Rachael NoonPowell gallerist, NoonPowell Gallery, London;

-    “Judit’s pieces are articulate, relevant and because of their technicality some times they are dumfounding but they reach emotionally the viewer in any case, offer treat and experience for them.” – Peter Antal art-collector, owner of the Antal-Lusztig Collection;

-    Judit Szendrei’s “… pictures offer a good overview of her artistic style different from everyone and of her love and emotion towards art.” – Istvan Tamus, graphic artist, Debrecen;

-    „I am very intrigued by Judit's original and appealing reinterpretation with new materials of the various textures found in Van Gogh's paintings.” – Karen Seress, curator, Courtould Gallery, London.

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