About Me

I created my first picture in 2015, at that time merely to entertain myself. Devising these pictures brought me not only tranquility, but the unparalleledjoy of creating something unique. From a mere hobby painting with stamps turned into passion. The definition of my art was given by the known art collector, owner of the Antal-Lusztig Collection. Others look at them as if they were a kind of collage, montage or say they look like an ancient mosaic. I think everyone is right, my own technique is a unique mix of these already known ones. 


My first exhibition held in October 2018 in Debrecen where I exhibited 35 pieces made before. My visitors encouraged me to show my pictures to many more people. Thus we joined the Stampex, London exhibition in February 2019 which was followed by an exhibition in the Netherlands in the city of Gouda where I was invited to a stamp exhibition as well. My picture titled „Cirque” had an interesting fate. It travelled right to the Royal Palace in Tirana, where Leka Zogu the 2nd, the hair and grandson of Albania’s first and only King lives together with his wife. 


Later in the year I was invited by the organizers of the Debrecen Flower Carnival and seduced the visitors by an exhibition titled „Stamps and Flowers”. Soon after the Debrecen event I had the opportunity to exhibit 36 of my best pieces in the wonderful Stefania Palace at the Hunfila – 2019 stamp exhibition. Having seen my pictures here I was invited also to the Autumn Horticultural Days organized by the Szent István University just a few days later. 


This year was started to be a very busy one as well. I have had an exhibition in the Hatszin Teatrum, an interesting place for artists already and the number of my pictures has doubled; I have painted more than eighty already. It was also a very great honour that my picture „Together with Christ” has been taken to the Common House of the Greek Catholic Church in the city of Vasarosnameny and was very warmly greeted by the local community. My next exhibition was organized by the Stamp Museum in Budapest. The uncountable number of stamps, the treasure having been collected here gave a unique background to my pictures. I got the opportunity here, in the sanctuary of stamps to show that it was possible to create value with the help of the „thrown out” stamps and the so called worthless stamps come to new life themselves by giving life to artistic pictures. 


Looking at the pictures it seems easy to create them but the truth is I am supported by my mother and daughter who wet and sort the stamps while my husband is my manager. It is, thus, a family project.

© 2019 by  Gergely Czimer