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Salgotarjan is 100 years old



My pictures have taken me to Salgotarjan where neither of us had been before. The Centennial Stamp, Coin and Postcard Exhibition organized to commemorate the anniversary of the city’s foundation was held on October 3. I was invited to this exhibition as well. I took five pictures to Salgotarjan but another was there too. Its title is The Greek God of Healing and was taken there by dr. Zsolt Bodnar who arrived from Ireland and presented his unique stamp collection including the picture I made for him. I would like to thank Laszlo Juhasz for his invitation and work and also for the tour he made for us to present tne inner city of Salgotarjan.


The City Television of Salgotarjan made a film about the exhibition presenting myself as well. You can view the interview here:

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