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Jakupcsek Plus – ATV


I received another phone call just after the talk with me on m2 was on air but now from station ATV. This editor had also read the article on the website ( ) and invited me to take part in the next talk of the Jakupcsek Show. In this program Gabriella Jakupcsek presented people dealing with interesting things. This was the reason of inviting me, an artist painting with stamps. I had interesting partners in the show. A guy offered his services in solving DIY type problems, the other invented games while the third was a critic specializing on food. For me it was interesting to experience the production of a TV show. Before recording a hairdresser and even a make-up artist helped me. I was happy to speak about my pictures, about the stamps. It was a pity only that only a part of the talk went on air. I know, nevertheless upon receiving many feedbacks that I enlisted many new fans for my pictures.

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