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The Year of the Dragon


After one year of organization my exhibition The Year of the Dragon was opened in Beijing on June 15 th. The organizer of the exhibition is the Hungarian Liszt Institute while the venue of the exhibition is the Horizon Art Space which is one of the galleries of the famous 798 Art Zone of Beijing. We are very grateful for the great work done by the Liszt Institute teal lead
by Anna Lujza Honecz, to the owner of the gallery Tao Wei and also to the Chinese curator of the exhibition Zhang Siyong.

The exhibition presents 21 pictures among them the leading one made especially to this exhibition, The Year of the Dragon. Zhe picture was a great success, almost every one of the participants asked us to make a joint photo together with the picture.


This collection will join after the Beijing exhibition the Cain Exhibition of the National Bank of Hungary and also the collection of the pictures made by Arnold Gross a famous Hungarian artist. The three exhibitions will be presented as a joint one starting from July 30 in several large museums all around Chian and first in Guiyang.


The organizers made many nice photos and a thrilling video on the opening event:

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