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Flower Circles

flower-circles (2).png

This was my first picture. More exactly, this was the first one which endured. The very first was destroyed by myself, I did not like it to that level that I washed the stamps from it. This first picture was made by using the technique of decoupage or in other word napkin-technique. This is the most wide spread artisan technique, one can ornate any surface for a lasting period with it.


It requires much work. At first I plastered the surface with a special clay and then even the stamps had to be clayed once or twice with this matter. I asked a professional’s help to make my work easier. He suggested to use a special caly for this purpose. I accepted his advice, use this clay since thus I have to plaster the back of the stamps only once.

Size: 43 x 54 cms

Status: in private property

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