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20_Advent (2).png

Size: 32 x 35 cms

Status: on offer

I like this picture as well. The curiosity of this picture is that it presents three images of Advent at once. With other words, it is a three in one piece. As we know the Advent period starts with the fourth Sunday before Christmas and lasts until Christmas itself. The four candles stand for the four Sundays of the period.


On the right of the picture we can see the Advent wreath. It is a habit in Hungary since the 19 – 20th century to make an Advent wreath. In our days the wreath is made of pine tree sticks and is ornated with four candles. According to the Christian tradition the candles are pink symbolizing the colour of the penitence except of the one standing for the third Sunday which bears the colour of pink as this is he Sunday of joy.  The small picture of the left shows the purple and pink candles from heir side while the picture below shows them from above. The counteraction of the pink, purple and green colours trasmits a very pleasant tranquility towards us.

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