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Reflections upon an exhibition


Stampex International, Business Design Centre, London, Islington

February 13-16 2019


Stampex stamp exhibition and expo has been organized for many years in London in every Spring and even Autumn. This is the largest stamp show in the UK held in the Islington Business Design Center. Not only collecting stamps  is an old established passion but the building itself is more than 150 years old. We arrived here with the assumption that stamp collectors would also be interested in stamp art as well. It turned out we were wrong, we did not know what stamp collection meant in the reality.  It is a strong passion and stamp collectors are mostly interested in finding and getting any new piece into their collection rather than looking for something else if any stamp is in the room.


Many thousands of people turned up nevertheless, they were expected by hundreds of stamp traders. We got the privilage to exhibit my pieces just next to the stand of the Royal Mail thus many people passed by our stand and also spent some minutes there. Several hundred visitors took the possibilty to look at my pictures so for these some days more people saw my art work than ever before. We had chats with some of them and we had memorable meetings too. An old lady and also some of the traders gave stamps while others wanted to take photos together with the artist. I received very useful pieces of advice from a young lady who is working to find out how one can make use of old stamps. We had discussions with visitors from Germany, Italy, America and Asia. They would take the news about us into their homeland while others made notes to the Visitors’ book. My reputation increased greatly for these several days which gives me strength to go on. It was a tiresome four days but worth to have it!

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