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23_Sakkfigurák_Chessmen (1).png

There are stamps which are not interesting at all, their topic is dull even but a very big number has been issued of them. Earlier these stamps were used in the everydays, one can find these on any envelope. I did not want to throw them away but what could I do with them?


And once I red an article about the importance of chessplay, that it is not only a kind of sport but play, art and even science. I realized thus at once that I would make a picture of chess. My father tried to teach me but I do not play chess. We do have very famour chass players, Judit Polgár  for example, the woman to reach the highest Elő-point level in the world ever.  You cannot see the pawn on this picture but there is another picture of mine on which I featured all figures of chess.

Size: 43 x 43 cms

Status: in private property

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