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Olympians from Hungary

olimpians-from-hungary (2).png

Size: 53 x 35 cms

Status: in private property

This picture is a real treasure home for sport lovers. I used stamps featuring our Olimpians and one can see the symbol of the Olypmc Games the Olympic Rings which symbol was designed by the initiator of the modern Olympic Games, Baron the Coubertin in 1913. The five rings most probably symbloze the five continents while other think that they symbolize the basic principles of sport: passion, belief, victory, ethics and sportsmanship.

Hungary was among the participant countries in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. We participated in all Summer and Winter games since. Hungary is one of the most expeditious country having gained hundreds of gold olympic medals but the only one among these countries which has not organized Olympic Games by now. We have soprtmen and women whom we can be proud of!

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