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sunset-on-the-ocean (2).png

Size: 47 x 38 cms

Status: in private property

Sunset on the Ocean

I percieved the Ocean in 2018 first time. It was a wonderful experience as althought the sun was shining and one could sunbath even but the water floated pieces of ice onto the shore. I must also confess that I did not see the sunset myself. Maybe this was the reason for me to make my own picture to show how a sunset lookes like when the sun downs into the waves of the ocean. It was not easy to reflect with stamps the waves of the ocean, the changing colours and the blue of the sky. I used British fiscal stamps imaging the Queen as such stamps have been issued almost in every colour so I frequently use them when I need simply colours.


Just to add to these thoughts I have learnt not long ago only that the Queen does not age on the stamps but on the coins yes. One can see on every coin should it be a one pound or a penny coin Elisabeth II. Althoght she has been Queen for more than sixty years there is only the fifth modification on the coins of our days.

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