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Yoga-lady (2).png

Yoga Lady

The history of this picture started with an encounter with a picture of a lady doing yoga. One cannot see the lady’s face, she is standing backwards. What caught me was the motion how she rose her hands with the different blues of the sky and the water melting together. I knew at once that I would make a picture reflecting this motion. I called the lady by phone and asked her approval. Having received it I started to prepare everything for the picture. I wanted to leave the body untouched thus I printed it onto the back of a stamp sheet; a technique I used already before. I chose the blue paint, or more exactly the blue stamps to be used. I needed more tone starting from the light ones to the most darkest.


For those who are not at home in the world of stamps I tell that the stamps used are of Hungarian issue featuring buildings. But how to paint the picture, in what order should I glue the stamps? And again a new idea, a new technique came into my mind. I cut the pictures into stripes and glued them in this shape. I would not call this technique to be a quick solution but certainly a good one. So I had the background ready but the shirt still remained to be painted. As we were preparing ourselves for the Flower Carnival in Debrecen the idea was to have yellow flowers on the shirt as the colours of our city are blue and yellow. I was happy to find the yellow flowers quickly as well.

Size: 24 x 38 cms

Status: in private property

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