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Many, Many Penny Black

90_Manymany Penny Black.png

I found a very interesting Soviet stamp among the millions I have. This was the one issued in 1990 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the issue of Penny Black. But what Penny Black is? It was the first adhesive post stamp issued by the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on May 1, 1840. It is most natural that Penny Black shows the Queen of the century, Victoria. It was printed 68 pieces of penny Black alltogether and many of them is still in circulation. I have already heard of this stamp but I did not know that it was used for postage payment only for a year because the red coloured annulation stamp was too hard to be seen on it, moreover, the red ink was easy to be removed. Thus the Treasury turned to Penny Red and started to use black annulation stamps.


This stamp is very well known in the philatelic world so I decided to make a picture for May 1 to remember to it. One can see on the picture Queen Elisabeth 2nd, the current Monarch together with her great grandmother Queen Victoria. And one more curiosity from the world of stamps: since the beginning until this day every British stamp bears the picture of the Monarch but no one can find the name of the country of issue on the stamps.

Size: D=31 cm
Status: in private property

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