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Autumn Horticultural Days, Budapest, October 18 – 20, 2019


On the last day of the Hunfila Exhibition. I received a very honalabble phone call from dr. Lajos Komiszar, professor of the Szent István University. He invited me to take part in the „7th Chamber Exhibition of Floral Art Pieces” organized by the University as an accompanying event to the „Autumn Horticultural Days – 2019”.


It was a very good piece of news as I got this phone call barely one year after my first exhibition in Debrecen. I was invited on the basis of my pictures and I think this fact was very importnat for me, who had just embarked on her way into the artistic world.  


Because of an already planned trip abroad we could not take part in the exhibition but my son was ready to represent me. We chose five pictures  of the flower topic to exhibit. They were taken to Budapest by by husband. The organizers published a catalogue about the exhibition in which they applied a very kind title for me, they called me to be a „stamp-grapher” written under my photo.


You can see further information about the exhibition on the following link:

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