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Opening ceremony – 2019.08.12. Kölcsey Center, Debrecen


The day of the ceremony was a Monday, it was to start at 3,00 pm. We hanged the pictures the preceeding day together with the staff of the Kölcsey Center. Thanks to them the technical part was theirs, we had only to decide the order of the pictures only. We had nevertheless got some experince in this as both on the Stampex in London and on the Gouda Exhibition as well me, my daughter and my husband managed the whole complex of tasks. I started to wait for the visitors already from 2,00 in a rather nervy state as I did not know how many people would come at all? The first to arrive were the members of the „Dancing Feet” group as they were to present their small show to the visitors of the ceremony as the opening of the program. Other visitors, participants started also to arrive. Some of the people were familiar to me already but there was a large number of visitors I did not know personally. Including them arrived my family as well, my mother, daughter and son were lifted by my husband. As my daughter Zsofi got a small injury before she was not go to partcipate in the dance but when she got sight of her rehearsing mates she ran to them wanting to join them for the shaw. She did not have of course her dancing suit with her but seeing her strong desire the leader of the Light Foundation Ms. Attiláné Suller gave her ok for the dance. Zsofi received even a hat necessary for a real dance with the group. Finally Gyöngyi Porkoláb, whom I asked to open the exhibition arrived as well and the occurances started to happen. The dancers seduced everyone, Gyöngyi delivered a very kind speech, the waiters offered drinks to everyone and the cakes arrived as well. A lively discussion and picture viewing started which was photoed by the photographer of the local paper Haon. Their journalist wrote a very kind article about the event which one can reed on this link:

I hope that not only me but everyone felt themselves well on the event. One of my friends wrote in the visitors book: „We were very happy to see the nice program you compiled which had such a human massage that should have been heard everywhere. The exhibition was a great experience, many of us got happyness by seeing the pictures.” I would also like to offer many thanks to the organizers, to the participants, to Gyöngyi, to my family and to all of my guests for this outstanding afternoon.

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