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Picture Viewers’ Gallery, 2020



The following words appeared on the website the other day:

“Képnézegető Galéria (Picture Viewers’ Gallery) of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street in Debrecen housed a new exhibition. Unique pictures of Judit Szendrei are now exhibited here. She made her first picture in 2015 just “for her own fun”, as we could read her words in an earlier article of ours.

Her first exhibition was held in 2018, her first 35 pictures were on the walls. Visitors encouraged her to keep on, to show her pictures to more people.  She has exhibited in London, in the Netherlands since and her pictures were on show during the Hungarian Hunfila Exhibition as well.

“It is a great pleasure for us that Judit has brought her pictures to our Gallery. I am very glad to get acquainted with this always smiling cheerful lady, who finds time to make pictures along the fact that she has three children as well. It is very nice, very unique what she is doing”, resumes the landlady of the Gallery who is an artist herself and is always happy to surprise the Debrecen audience.”

Thank you very much, Teodora, I hope to meet you next time too!

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