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Stefania Palace, Budapest, 2020


The Aron Gabor Stamp Collectors’ Group opened their yearly exhibition on October 26 in the Stefania Palace. This exhibition is a great honour for me as the chief organizer, Tibor Mandi had asked me to make a stamp picture, the logo of the exhibition titled „Stamp Kaleidoskop”.


We presented around one fifth of all my works, twenty pictures. Four out of them are copies only, as the originals are already with their final owners. They are, neverthless important for me so I decided to bring them to the Palace. I really like the place very much as I ot many frends on the exhibition held also here a year ago. Some of the arrived at the opening ceremony with packages of stamps to help me in my future work.


Notwithstanding of the pandemic many people came to the oprning ceremony, of course all in masks. The ceremony itself was very nice and kind. All this was presented in an article on the garrison’s website:


And also some pictures:

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