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Vatican City, 2020


We were invited to take part in the General Pontifical Audience upon the invitation of te Papal Household where we wre happy to be there despite of the worldwide pandemic. This was the day of the the Feast of The Lady of Rosary and I had the opportunity to hand over my work The Lady of the Rosary to the Holy Father. When Pope Francis learned that we were from Hungary he greated us with the Hungarian „Üdvözlöm!” word. My daughter Zsofi handed over her mandala sas well after which she got an exceptional honour: the Holy Father blessed her by caressing her head.

When coming home freinds and also others all congratulated us. Our Vatican meeting draw the attention of the press as well. The local issued flash news, a production team of the Debrecen TV visited u sin our home and they also invited my and my husbank for a studio talk. 

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