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Gallery Palota,
Community and Cultural Center Csokonai, Budapest, 2023


We were very glad to have this exhibition as the invitation was received in the beginning of May only. The stamp collectors of Rakospalota invited us originally to take part in their exhibition with two – three pictures only but when the professional exhibition organizers of the Community House saw the photos of my pictures in the course of the preparation they decided to extend an invitation to hold a full solo exhibition in their gallery. The size of the gallery let me exhibit fifteen pictures and we have time limit sas well as we shall have a conference presentation in September in Luxembourg and right after it my Brussels exhibition will be opened.

The title of this exhibition is Stamp! as well and the pictures were talen right from Pecs. The  opening ceremony was attended by Angela Nemeth Csserdine, Mayor of Rakospalota in the presence of the local stamp collectors and other stamp picture lovers.

You can view several pictures made on the event here:

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