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Hatszin Teatrum – Theatre of Six Colours, Budapest, January 31, 2020



One and a half year after my first exhibition I started to opean the way to a new audience. Just to remind, I said in an earlier interview thr followings:


„It as a very good feeling for me that I can make happy people with wy pictures. It is very good to see when visitors leave the exhibition hall with a happy smile on their lips. Most of the people miss the feeling of real creation in their life, but I try to encourage everyone to find the way to it, to find the way to self-expression as to see a real piece of art being formed by your hands in any form is th ebest feeling ever.”


These words were cited by Dorka Gálvölgyi, manager of the Theatre of Six Colours in her invitation to the opening ceremony of my new exhibition. This event is a very important one in my life as the venue where my exhibition was opened on January 31st is a real cultural centre. One can find here a book shop, a theathere, and meeting place for people and an exhibition venue as well. There are not too many such places in Budapest!


I had chosen fifteen pieces for this exhibition out of the existing eighty poictures. All of these pictures are intended to not be exhibited only but to be marketed as well. I hope that by exhibiting at this venue I can reach a much wider public than until now.


The exhibition will be open in the exhibition hall of the Theatre of Six Colours every day from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm until March 5 and also in the intervals of the evening theatre spectacles at the following address: 1066 Budapest, Jókai Street No. 6.

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