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House of Art and Literature, Pecs, 2023


The core of my second exhibition in the city of Pecs was given by my special relationship to art and in this case to painters. Many painters are related to this nice city and moreover, two days after the date of the exhibition opening comes the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death. In the opinion of many art lovers he was the greatest artist of the XXth century.

According to a widely known story Picasso, upon visiting a Csontvary exhibition in Paris in 1948 said: “I did not realize there was another great painter in this century aside from myself.” I wanted to commemorate this very special relationship thus it is Picasso on the central picture of my exhibition who views my paraphrase of Csontvary’s picture Pilgimage to the cedars in Lebanon.

The opening event was favoured also by Mr Gabor Gerloczy who curates in the footsteps of Gedeon Gerloczy, his relative Csontvary’s heritage. In his own opinion Csontvary was as important as an artist like van Gogh who was born in the very same year. The Dutch painter gave also inspiration to me many times but what he lent me was the background, the mood to my own thoughts, feelings. The central piece of the van Gogh wall of the exhibition is Brothers’ Love, a picture featturing the specila relationship between the two van Gogh brothers.

The third wall is a salute to Victor Vasarely the world-famous artist born in Pecs. My picture „Hommage à Vasarely” was made to this exhibition but it was also Vasarely who inspired my picture MoCoMo Art by Stamps giving name to my special art technique of montage, collega, mosaic or in other word MoCoMo.

The remaining pictures exhibited in Pecs give an overview of the thoughts occupying me and which I am trying to forward to my audience with the help of the stamps.

You can vew several pictures made on the event here:

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