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Hunfilex2022 World Stamp Exhibition & World Championship



Hunfilex2022 World Stamp Exhibition & World Championship was opened on March 31 in the Groupama Arena in Budapest to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of MABEOSZ, The Association of Hungarian Stamp Collectors. President of Hungary Mr Janos Ader took part in the opening ceremony while President of the Hungarian Parliament Mr Laszlo Kover delivered an opening speech.


I had the opportunity to exhibit fourteen of my pictures upon the invitation of the organizers and with the technical support of the Aron Gabor Stamp Collectors Group. One of the pictures was painted some years earlier and now it got the title of Dove of Peace to remember to the war in Ukraine.


The stamp collectors exhibited their collections competing with each other in 1320 frames. One of them, Carsten Mintert from Germany received my picture Water lilies with stones and shells on the Palmares Dinner Saturday evening as prize from the organizers.


You can vew several pictures made on the event here:

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