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International Eucharistic Congress, Budapest, Ars Sacra Festival



“Together with Christ – in Hungary”, exhibition opening in the Benczur House


I received a honourable invitation some weeks prior to the opening of the International Eucharistic Congress from the Ars Sacra Foundation. They offered me to set up an exhibition of my stamp pictures in the frames of the cultural events accompanying the Congress. Th organizers offered the Benczur House to be the venue of the exhibition. This House was absolutely optimal as it is very close to the venue of the main events of the Congress, the Heros’ Square and also because it operates in the network of the Hungarian Post who is a supporter of my art.


The exhibition was opened by Ms Sara Nemes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hungarian Post. Many of my friends visited the ceremony which was also attended by the world-famous magician Aniko Ungar so I had at last the opportunity to meet her. It was she whose tools inspired my picture titled Waiting for Eve, Magician in the Eden. Although it had not been planned but we presented the picture to the audience together. There was another un-planned part of the ceremony, I presented my husband who plays an important part in my art as well. We unfolded together the story of our visit made to Vatican to visit the pope.


The participants applauded warmly the presentation of the Villo Ensemble and the pianist Csaba Vedres. We were privileged to listen to very nice ecclesiastic songs in their presentation.


We presented twenty-four pictures in this exhibition covering two topics. The visitors viewed with great interest both the pictures of ecclesiastical topic and those connected to Hungary as well. It was interesting to see when they examined the pictures from a very close distance being curious of the stamps using which the picture had been made.


Time passed by very quickly so the warden had to come to make us realize how late it was.


I would like to express my gratitude to all those who visited us, who came to see my pictures!

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