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Magazine Kalamaris



It is always a joy to take part in exhibitions but nowadays owing to the pandemic there are very few opportunities unfortunately. The artistic activity, however, goes on, new and newer pictures are born. But what are the pictures good for if I cannot present them to other people? I, therefore, was very glad upon receipt of the opportunity presented by Laszlo Markus from the city of Pecs: he proposed to present myself in the Magazine Kalamaris. In case of the internet based papers it is not important where the paper is edited but in this case it has a symbolic meaning for us. My husband was born in Pecs so it is important for me that I have reached with my art this nice city too. Culture plays an important part in the life of Pecs so we hope to be able to start cooperation with other media based in the city and perhaps an exhibition can also be organized should circumstances allow.


Magazine Kalamaris:



You can find the presentation about me and the pictures in here:


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