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Library Daniel Berzsenyi, Szombathely, Hungary, 2023


The 110th anniversary of the death of the famous Hungarian poet Sandor Weores is on June 22, 2023. Nine artists, related to the County Vas received therefore a request to make an art piece inspired by poet Weores to commemorate this day. The exhibition of the art pieces made upon this request was opened on June 9, being also an event of the 94th Week of Books and will be opened until June 30 in Szombathely in the Berzsenyi Library.

But how could it happen that I had got to be az artist related to County Vas? I was asked by Andras Nemeny , mayor of Szombathely in the end of the last year to make a picture to the 80th birthday of the famous actor, Tamas Jordan. Tamas Jordan was the founding director of Szombathely’s theatre bearing the name of Sandor Weores. This was the roundabout on which people of Szombathely met me, on which I got to be a Vas related artist and an invitee of this exhibition. To pay a tribute to my fellow invitees let me list their names here as well: Karoly Bonyhadi, Jozsef Ferkovics, Tamas Somogyi, Istvan Szanto, Tibor T. Takacs Tibor, Magdolna Toth, Peter Trifusz and Gabor Veres.

Unfortunately the distance between Debrecen and Szombathely was too long to cover by us this time but we have received the photos made ont he opening event. Finally I would like to thank Monika dr. Barathne Molnar, organizer of the exhibition for the very kind invitation!

You can view several pictures made on the event here:

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