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Liszt Institute, Brussels, 2023


Exhibition Stamp! in Brussels

One can find the Brussels centre of the Liszt Institute, the international network of the Hungarian government in a tipical small street close to Cathedral St. Michael and St. Gudule. Ambassador Tamas Ivan Kovacs Hugary’s Brussels envoy opened here exhibition Stamp on September 19.

There are three pictures on the centre wall of the exhibition. Pilgrims at one time and now at Csontvary's cedar, the picture with which the artist commemorates Picasso and Csontvary together is in the centre while MoCoMo Art and Hommage à Vasarely commemorating Victor Vasarely are in the two sides. Two pictures - Embroidery in my own words and Praise of Butterflies - featuring embroidery similar to the famous Brussels embroidery are exhibited as well. By making use of the aptitude of the gallery visitirs are greated by  Mystic Madonna resembling the famous Brussels art nuveau.

Meny people from the Hungarian community came to participate in the opening but Belgian stamp collectors came as well. We could meet at the event European parlamentarinas and the Erurpean chracter of the city was demonstrated also be the attendance of the general secretary of PostEurope Botond Szebeny, an organization representing 53 national posts.

You can view several pictures made on the event here:

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