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Picture handover, Luton, Great-Britain



I made my picture titled God Save the Queen in the time of my Luton exhibition already. My intention with making it was to render thanks to Luton Town and Culture Trust Luton for organizing my exhibition in Stockwood. The picture itself is a kind of commemoration about the 70th anniversary of Queen Elisabeth’s reign. By this reason the suggestion was to hand over the picture to Marie Kirbyshaw, director of Culture Trust, Sam Javid art director and Elise Naish, the organizer of the exhibition in an event to be organized as part of the Luton Jubilee Week.


Luton’s cultural centre is the Hat Factory, the refurbished building of the old Luton hat factory. The square before the building was one of the Jubilee Week venues where the picture covered with a blanket waited for us on the stage. It was Sam who managed the event, my husband said also some words about the picture, and then the blanket fell…


It is a great privilege for me that the picture has been placed in the major exhibition centre of Luton, in Wardown House, Museum & Gallery.

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