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Star shows the road

103_Csillag mutatja az utat_Star shows the road (1).png

Peter Antal, the famous art collector visited us in December. He has observed my art since the beginning. We have not met for a long time so he came to our home to view my newest pieces. He, seemingly did like them but his favourite was my picture titled “70 years to Ferihegy Airport”. He praised me for my development in art. I was touched by this meeting which resulted in starting this picture next day. I searched for a stamp which was nice itself. I chose a British Christmas stamp which caught me with its simpleness. It featured the Three Kings or in other words the wise men from the east. According to the Bible they arrived from the east at Bethlehem led by a star to bow t the new-born king of the Jews, Jesus. I did not use scissors in making this picture, I allowed the stamps to prevail by themselves. But it was important to me to underline the Star which showed the road to Jesus. I wish there was a Star for everybody to show the road in the real life too!

Size: 45 x 35 cm
Status: in Aniko Ungar collection

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