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Stefania Palace, Budapest, 2021



It was the third year already when my pictures took part in the yearly exhibition of the Aron Gabor Stamp Collectors Group of the Hungarian Armed Forces. This was a very great privilage even if I could not participate personally because of health reasons. My husband represented me and we had on board also one of our very kind colegues Matyas Budai. Matyas has been working with us for almost a year already, he makes the website, the newsletter and helps in everything related to the digital word. We have not had the opportunity until now because of the pandemics but this exhibition helped us out.


Those picures were exibited this October rupon the invitation of Tibor Mandi which had been made for the last year. It was an additional privilage that the  Commander of the Stefania Palce – Cultural Centre of the Armed Forces mentioned my by name in his speach delivered on the opening ceremony and called me as a usual participant of the event.


It was a new challneg that the pictures were not hanged ont he walls but we gat easels from the organizers to place th epictures on those ones hiving also an idea for the organizers of the next year’s Budapest world stamp exhibition as well.


I would like to thank Tibor Mandi thanklily for the invitation and also many others who brought me stamps to support me in my further work.


You can vew several pictures made on the event here:

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