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Stefania Palace, Budapest, 2022



The fact that the photo over this piece is news is the same as a year ago intends to emphasize that this exhibition has got to be a tradition for me already. This is already the fourth occasion I take part in the yearly exhibition of the Aron Gabor Stamp Collectors Group of the Hungarian Armed Forces and now really as a member of the family already.



The pictures were placed again on easels and according to the tradition we presented the fruits of the last year, this time fifteen pictures. An artists favorites are always the last pieces so for me the Orgy of Colours with Peacock Feathers and also the Praise of Butterflies. It turned out that the visitors were on the same opinion and the peacock pictures was even bought by one of them!


The opening event was also wonderful also because many visitors came who had not seen the pictures live yet but only on the internet or in the brochure. Soldier musicians presented some nice pieces and a very nice poem of Sandor Petofi was also read as the stamp frames exhibited contained stamps featuring this famous poet of Hungarian history. 


In the beginning, we said hell by saying Here again in a year! on the exhibition which will be a double jubilee. It will be the fifth occasion for me to be here and also the 65th year for my stamp collector friends.


I would like to thank Tibor Mandi for the invitation and also many others who brought me stamps to support me in my further work.


You can view several pictures made on the event here:

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