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tower-of babel (2).png

Tower of Babel

There are many stamps in my collection which images different buildings from many countries of the world. When sorting the stamps I always look with great wonder at any woderful building on a stamp but then the question arises, what can I do with them, how can I make an image by using them?


There is one building in the world, however, which is well-known everywhere; this is Babel Tower. Thus the idea was born, to picture Babel Tower based on the principle one country one level by using my stamps imagining buildings.


The curiosity of the picture is given by the Hungarian stamps imaging the workers of the Tower. The changing blue of the backgound in the same time alludes to the devastating storm around the tower which does not makes it possible to finish the tower thus it remains to be incomplete forever…

Size: 46 x 69 cms

Status: in private property

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