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cirque (2).png

Size: 58 x 41 cms

Status: property of Royal Residence, Tirana, Albania


I do like this picture. A very nice old Hungarian stamp series gave me the idea to commemorate the artists of the world of Cirque. It was not easy to find out how can I show this world. I remembered the feeling when we went into the cirque in my childhood, I looked at the stamps and the concept slowly appeared: visiting children came into the center as the show was made for them first of all.


I went to the cirque not only as child but took my own children many times to this wonderful world as well. The clown, the skills of the acrobats and the exotic animals always seduced us. The artists on the picture enter the amphitheatre as different beams of light while the back is given by the sky with stars. This is my way of commemorating the wonderful world of the Cirque.

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