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cockade (2).png

Size: 29 x 56 cms

Status: in private property

Most part of my stamps are of Hungaria origin, they are simply the easiest to purchase. The topics of my pictures are decisively derived form them. Sorting my stamps I found a series which shows our predesessors, our culture and the major events of our history almost since the beginning. I got at once the feeling that I had to make a picture using these stamps. But what should be the priciple along which I can make the picture and what should also the shape be? And I remembered this minute the cockade which has a great importance for us. Acording to the Hungarian customs people wear the cockade on every March 15 when we commemorate the beginning of the revolution and war of independence of 1848-49.


Originally the cockade was a circle shaped trimmer for magnates symbolizing a rosette. The cockade appeared to be a national setter-out during the French revolution in the year of 1789. The Hungarian cockade with its two small ribbons in national colours became to be the symbol for the citizenry fighting for the country’s independence from Austria.


I pencilled thus a cockade which was not difficult. It was easy to find red and green stamps which could be of course only of Hungarian origin this time. But where would I find the white of the flag? I had to search for a long time to find the suitable Hungarian stamps the broad white border of which was good to produce the effect I wanted.  For the ribbon connected to the circle I used pieces of a series imaging pictures from the Hungarian history. For the background I used stamps featuring the Millenial flag of 1896 when the country was remembering to the millenium of the foundation of the Hungarian state.

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