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hungarian-fan (2).png

Size: unknown

Status: in private property

Hungarian Fan

I like Hungarian stamps very much as they present us our past and present as well. We can se how our ancestors lived, we can can be acquainted with those famous Hungarians who had an impact on our history. I made this picture for my son who lives in London to help him to remember the place where he was born.


The stamps used for painting this picture image women and men wearing traditional national custumes. This is already unfortunately our past, in our days we do not wear such clothing. In the outer circle of the fan one can see stamps featuring embroidery from Halas, a famous region in Hungary. These emboideries are still made in the central town of the region, Kiskunhalas. The embroidery workshop was founded in the beginning of the last century and is still producing the very nice craft. I think the emboidery of Halas is a matching competitor for those from Brussels and Venice.

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