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101_Gombákkal táncoló_Dances with Mushrooms (2).png

Size: 42 x 73 cm

Status: on offer

Dances with Mushrooms

The story of the picture started with a family program: mushroom picking in the nearby Jozsa woods. We use to make excursion in week-ends should the weather allow. We take a drive to the nearby forest where we follow our way on foot. Exercise, refreshing air, what do you need any more? This autumn we found many mushrooms under the trees owing to the excellent weather. We found even carpets of mushrooms under the trees in some places. I had never seen such phenomenon! I made photos of course and even painted a picture with stamps. I picked both Hungarian and foreign stamps to this painting featuring mushrooms while the tree I drew is fictious. Maybe it features me as I started to dance under the trees having the mushroom carpet explored.

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