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33_Páva_Peacock (2).png

Size: 42 x 42 cms
Status: on offer


What was the reason for making this picture? It was certainly not inspired by stamps but I fell in love with an image of a peacock on a vase in my kitchen against my eyes for years. I pencilled it once and then started to look for the stamps to paint the picture. I chose from among those stamps which I used already before to make another picture, The Tree of Life. These stamps image motives of folk embroidery of different parts of Hungary. I did not realize a special connection at once but only when we visited the Romanesque Hall of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts.


I discovered the tree of life symbolizing the eternal life on the wall of in this beautiful hall imagined with a peacock of each side of it.  Subconsiously I paired the two features, the tree of life and the peacock as well. I consider this picture to be the best of mine, it  is placed in the centre of our London living room.

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