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Finesses by Zsolnay

finesses-by-zsolnay (2).png

Size: 41 x 28

Status: in private property

There are three porelain factory in Hungary, one in Herend, the Herend Porcelain, the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory in the town of Pecs and one in Hollóháza. I was delighted when I discovered Chinawares of the Zsolnay Manufactory on stamps. I found the shape of the picture very quickly, I put the stamps into order and this nice picture was ready at once.


Why is it so small and not larger? The measures of the pictures are often defined by the number of stamps that are at my disposal. This was the case this time too. This is the most difficult part of this activity. Whatever idea I have I can work only with those colours I have, with that number of stamps I have. But this is the reason also why every picture is a unique, unrepetable one.

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