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40_Két keréken_Bicycle.png

Size: 44,5 x 29 cms

Status: in property of Embassy of the Netherlands, Budapest


The very big number of bicycles, the huge bicycle parking lots and the relativ lack of cars made a great impact on me when we spent our holidays in the Netherlands. I arrived back home with the strong intention to buy a bicycle for my daughter Zsofi to let her  enjoy the non comparable experience of riding a bicycle.


She has a bad sense of balance thus the bi-cycle was out of question but the tri-cycle only. Thanks to the internet I found the one which seemed to be good for us not only technically but its look was nice too. I found a very kind technician as well. He came to us and having got acquainted with my daughter helped to make the final decision. We have spent many hours since with riding our cycles and permanently the picture was made to remember to the Dutch way of life too.

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