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leaves (2).png


This story of this picture is very interesting. I inherited a silver cake shovel from my grandmother. I used it for many years but never made a thorough look at it. But the second to look at it with great wonder once arrived. I noticed the nice pattern of leaves on it. I knew at once that I would make a picture about these leaves. I pencilled them, I looked for the suitable stamps and started to glue them at once.


Many observes think that this is the most time consuming part of my work. It is not true, hoever. The longest is the way guiding from the birth of the idea to the finding of the shape of the picture- When I have the shape drawn and the stamp chosen the sticking goes very quickly. And if I do not like the result I simply glue another layerof stamps on it.

Size: 28 x 46 cms

Status: in private property

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