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45_Police Andy Warhol nyomán_Police upon Andy Warhol.png

Size: 40 x 30 cms

Status: on offer

Police, upon Andy Warhol

The MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen is a large modern exhibition center with huge and bright spaces for any pieces of arts. There was an exhibition in the Summer of 2018 in MODEM titled „From Monet to Van Gogh, from Matisse to Warhol”.


The pictures arrived form the Johannesburg Art Gallery. I visited the exibition twice even as all the exhibited pieces made great impression on me but my favourite was Warhol. I looked for him on the web as well. I red about his story and chased for the pieces made by him. His picture showing tin cans gave me the idea for my own picture which I made by using stamps imaging polica cars.

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