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Size: 3pcs x 24 x 55 cms

Status: in private property

Chessplay in Three Moves

The theme of chess has tempted me several times already. I have already made three pictures already about this topic. In the infancy of my stamp painter’s life my first chess picture imagined Queens. This picture was presented to a kind family dealing in stamp trading. They helped me many times when I was in need of stamps to paint.  The second one imagined a pawn only but the third lacks the pawn meaning that none of my pictures is an integral one. This was the reason to make this set of pictures.


This set images all six figures. What make the set to be thrilling is the placement, the variation of the six figures. But there is a small trick in the placement, there are only two figures on one picture.  When the first picture was almost ready I put it aside as I felt that something was missing. This was the time when we went to Vienna where I got acquainted with some interesting originals of Gustave Klimt in the Belvedere. They made a great impression on me. Among the admiration of the pictures I realized what was lacking from my pictures: this was the colour of gold. Arriving home I put the gold stamps on the pictures thus they got their final shape. The gold frames intensify only the overall impression!

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